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Reach a Select Audience with Gastronomica

The average subscriber to Gastronomica is both affluent and keenly interested in the culinary arts. Advertising in Gastronomica allows you to reach a highly targeted group of consumers: those with a strong interest in food-related products and an exceptionally high level of disposable income.

Gastronomica readers are some of the most qualified prospects in the fields of culinary and epicurean pursuits. Readers are devoted to the journal and value gourmet food and wine, as well as the other finer things in life.

Subscriber Snapshot: Best of Trade
Home and Academia Culinary Professionals: 31%
Recreational/Home Chef: 42%
Academic: 6%

Annual Household Income: Impressive Purchasing Power
Over 40% have an annual household income of over $100,000. Over 62% have an income of $70,000 or more. Over 74% have a household income of $55,000 or more.

Level of Education: Highly-Educated Readers
32% of Gastronomica readers have Bachelor’s Degrees. 35% have Master’s Degrees. 21% have Ph.D’s.

Wine Connoisseurs
55% of Gastronomica readers spend at least $50 per month on wine purchases. 26% spend at least $100 per month.

46% of Gastronomica readers spend over $100 per month on gourmet food purchases and over 76% spend at least $50 per month.

Book Lovers
55% of Gastronomica readers purchased more than eight books on food or wine related topics in the last year alone. 72% purchased at least five books. 41% of Gastronomica readers purchased at least eight cookbooks in the last year. 74% bought at least four cookbooks.

Culinarily Curious
Over 80% of Gastronomica readers are interested in attending classes or seminars on cooking or food related topics.

Impressive Reader Loyalty
readers are devoted to the journal. 96% of current readers plan to renew their subscription. 65% spend at least three hours reading their copy of Gastronomica. 61% share their copy with others and an impressive 94% save each issue.

Our readers, all deeply connected to the culinary realm, maintain financially stable lifestyles and therefore have the means and the know-how to enjoy the finer things in life. They are educated professionals who are intimately involved in the production, preparation, and presentation of food and wine and are highly knowledgeable and concerned about quality, form, and function. Gastronomica is an ideal advertising forum for companies who want their ads to reach such a substantial assemblage of foodies.

Our subscribers include: chefs, cooking teachers, leaders of major food corporations, restaurateurs, food writers, TV cooking personalities, vintners, editors and publishers, and general consumers!

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