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Issues | Volume 14 Number 2

Summer 2014

An Interview with Saru Jayaraman; Greek Migrants and Australian Foodways; Dining, Theatre, and the Historical Avant-Garde; Reflections on Sheep, Landscape, and Defining Locality; Foodscapes of Sustainability in the Mediterranean; and more!

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Meet the Author | Julie Guthman

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: An interview with Seth Holmes

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies describes the physical pain and emotional suffering that Triqui migrant workers routinely face during their work in the West Coast berry fields

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From the Editor | Melissa L. Caldwell

From the Editor, Spring 2014

Welcome to 2014 and the first issue of Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies

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Issues | Volume 14 Number 1

Spring 2014

An Interview with Seth Holmes; The Story of Tomatoes; Toward a Cultural Ecology of Local Food; An Edible Moral Economy in the Motor City; University, Community, and Redefining Expertise in the Food System; The Restaurants of Paris, and more!

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Mysterious Pleasures | Diane Gleason

Mediterranean Food

The driver knew it was hard to hear with the windows down so he leaned sideways to make his point and spoke slowly in Italian. “It is my older daughter who is the real cook. She even makes dinner with l’avocado.”

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Celebrations | Jenny Holm

A Taste of Home: A North Ossetian New Year’s Eve Feast

Stepping from the stuffy Soviet-era train to the snow-dusted platform below, I fill my chest with a welcome breath of mountain air laced with frost and cigarette smoke.

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From the Editor | Melissa L. Caldwell

From the Editor, Winter 2013

The past few months since the last issue of Gastronomica went to press have been exciting ones in the world of food.

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 4

Winter 2013

How the Presidents Ate Their Salmon; Drinking Maté in Asunción, Paraguay; The Kitchen God of Chinese Lore; Detention Center Feeding Practices; At the Center of the Center of the New York Bagel; and more!

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Coming Together | Justine Ickes

Slowing Down for Turkish Mulberry Molasses

A Turkish mom distills a life lesson for her American daughter-in-law

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From the Editor | Melissa Caldwell

Editor’s Letter, Fall 2013

This year marks the release of the tenth anniversary edition of Marion Nestle’s pathbreaking Food Politics. I am pleased that this issue of Gastronomica features an interview with Professor Nestle.

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