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From the Editor | Melissa L. Caldwell

From the Editor, Winter 2013

The past few months since the last issue of Gastronomica went to press have been exciting ones in the world of food.

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 4

Winter 2013

How the Presidents Ate Their Salmon; Drinking Maté in Asunción, Paraguay; The Kitchen God of Chinese Lore; Detention Center Feeding Practices; At the Center of the Center of the New York Bagel; and more!

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Coming Together | Justine Ickes

Slowing Down for Turkish Mulberry Molasses

A Turkish mom distills a life lesson for her American daughter-in-law

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From the Editor | Melissa Caldwell

Editor’s Letter, Fall 2013

This year marks the release of the tenth anniversary edition of Marion Nestle’s pathbreaking Food Politics. I am pleased that this issue of Gastronomica features an interview with Professor Nestle.

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 3

Fall 2013

Ten Years of Food Politics: An Interview with Marion Nestle, Slowing Down for Turkish Mulberry Molasses, Seven Bald Men and a Kumquat Tree, The Real World in a Honey Bun, Invisible West Africa: The Politics of Single Origin Chocolate, Models of Food and Eating in the United Kingdom, and more!

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Picnics by the Sea | Sharon Hunt

Rolling on the Beach

As a child, I lived with my family on Bell Island, a piece of rock off the coast of Newfoundland, in Canada. The highlight of late June and early July was when the capelin rolled in.

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From the Editor | Melissa L. Caldwell

Editor’s Letter, Summer 2013

Sitting down to write a letter as the new editor of Gastronomica is a thrilling, and perhaps somewhat terrifying, experience.

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 2

Summer 2013

Does the Foodie have a Soul?; Emily Dickinson Bakes Her Famous Coconut Cake; Angel Food Cake: Just Heavenly!; Clam Digging; Tasting a Landscape: On the New Nordic Cuisine; Can ideas about food inspire real social change? The case of Peruvian gastronomy; Food Fight: Accusations of Press Agentry, a Case for Ethics and the Development of the Association of Food Journalists; Of Pepperoni Rolls and Soup Beans: On What it Might Mean to Eat Like a West Virginian; and more…

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Fundamentals | Chitrita Banerji

The Bengali Bonti

How big is the difference between sitting and standing? A cultural universe, when you examine posture in the context of food preparation.

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From the Editor | Merry I. White

A Tribute to Gastronomica’s Founding Editor

I am writing to the converted. You are already a fan of this fine journal. Far from being members of a cult or a narrow coterie, we are a large and diverse group who have in common the love of food, good writing, art, and craft.

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