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Issues | Volume 14 Number 4

Winter 2014

Special Issue: “The Reinvention of Food: Connections and Mediations”. Re-localizing Milk and Cheese; Raw Milk, Raw Power: States of (Mis)Trust; The GoodGuide to “Good” Coffee; Resistance Is Fertile!; Critical Reflections, Reviews, and more!

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In the News |

Gastronomica to collaborate with University of London’s SOAS

Gastronomica and Editor Melissa L. Caldwell are pleased to announce a new collaboration with the University of London’s SOAS Food Studies Centre.

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Kitchen Stories | Amy Gentry

Seven Bald Men and a Kumquat Tree: Rob Connoley, Silver City’s Non-Native Son

I have never seen a restaurant kitchen quite like this. The Kenmore oven/stove combo with its electric range is the same make and model as mine at home, but of an older vintage. Something that looks like a thirty-year-old camping grill sits on the counter next to the stove

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Creative Work | Susan Comninos

Auditory Tune

“Auditory Tune” grew out of a disconcerting ringing in my left ear that came on suddenly within the past year and then just as randomly went away.

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Critical Reflection | Leo Racicot

Tall Tree and Sweet Flower: Julia Child in Sonoma

Julia Child stood out like a diamond wherever she was, not only because she loomed so tall, not only due to that Julia cartoon chortle she let loose with so liberally, but because her spirit, her natural joie de vivre dazzled you instantly.

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From the Editor | Melissa L. Caldwell

From the Editor, Fall 2014

As the parent of a three-year-old, I find myself confronted by issues around proper diet and eating habits on a regular basis. From what I have heard from friends and colleagues who are also parents of small children, picky eating is rampant among the American toddler set.

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Issues | Volume 14 Number 3

Fall 2014

Special Issue on Nutritional Deficiencies including Introducing Critical Nutrition, Nutrition as a Project, Doing Nutrition Differently. Plus: A Compendium of Cheeses, Julia Child in Sonoma, Creative Works and more!

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Research Article | B.R. Cohen

Don’t Mono-crop the Movement: Toward a Cultural Ecology of Local Food

What matters for the future of healthy food is not just farmers’ markets, CSAs, urban farms, food hubs, and the like—the particular individual innovations of the foodsheds—but the ways they interact and overlap.

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Creative Work | Susan Comninos


“Apples” was just an exercise to see if I could write a five-line poem without metaphor or hyperbole, except for in the final line.

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Critical Reflection | Stacy Adimando

Lives of Pie

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in spring, what appeared was a hankering for pie. And, though I did not realize it at the time, the recipe I baked to satisfy my craving would teach me so much about where I came from, and where I was headed.

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