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Chef's Page | Carrie Nahabedian

A Family Affair: Naha, Chicago, Illinois

To open a restaurant takes a strong desire and the willingness to put everything you have on the line—everything. Naha, the restaurant owned by my cousin Michael Nahabedian and me, is the culmination of years of being in the only business I have ever known.

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Americana | Alison Owings

Hey, Waitress!

One can say this about American waitresses: despite their enormous numbers and their daily presence in American life, and despite all the stereotypes they carry (along with pad, towel, crumber, corkscrew, and tray), they have been overlooked and understudied.

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From the Editor | Darra Goldstein

Beyond Table Talk

We discovered long ago that the simple sharing of a meal eases conversation and lubricates otherwise difficult discourse. But can we get beyond table talk to something more meaningful?

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Issues | Volume 3 Number 1

Winter 2003

Weight Watchers at Forty: A Celebration; Sonja Alhäuser’s Sweet Installations; Vodka and Jewish Culture in Poland Today; The Skinny on Fat; Train Oil and Snotters: Eating Antarctic Wild Foods; On the Indigenization of Philippine Food; The Molecular Tourist; Shark Bait; The Propitiatory Meal; Joe Baum: An Exaltation of Larks; Hey, Waitress!; and more…

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Chef's Page | Marcel Biró, with Shannon Kring Biró

Beyond the Berlin Wall

As I donned my apron on the morning of October 7, 1989, and joined my fellow apprentices in the kitchen of the Ratshaus—the Mayor’s Office and Town Hall in Plauen, East Germany—I knew that I would be prepping for the most elaborate meal of my young career: the feast commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR).

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Feast for the Eye | Sonya Bekkerman

Mikhail Larionov’s “Still Life with Crayfish”

Mikhail Larionov’s Still Life with Crayfish (circa 1910–1912) is a spectacle of simple, severe, bold form and color, a result of the artist’s intense engagement with Russian folk art traditions.

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From the Editor | Darra Goldstein

Cook’s Block

But global warming is not my greatest worry at the moment, nor is the temperature an acceptable excuse. For the first time in my life I am facing what can only be described as cook’s block.

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Issues | Volume 2 Number 4

Fall 2002

Cheesecakes, Junkets, and Syllabubs; Cookbooks from Mad Magazine; “Deviled Ham Untouched by Human Hands”; The Domestication of the American Restaurant; The Mince Pie That Launched the Declaration of Independence; Big Cheese, Small Business; Chocolate: From Bean to Bar; Nero Blanc’s Recipe for the Perfect Yule Log; and more…

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Chef's Page | Tony Tan

Tony Tan’s Cooking Classes: Melbourne, Australia

Malaysia stands at the crossroads of Asia, where three of the continent’s greatest cultures—Indian, Malay, and Chinese—meet and mingle. Malaysia was not always so vibrant, though.

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The Natural World | Holley Bishop

Behind the Bee’s Knees

from Gastronomica 2:3 In late summer my rose bushes start to dance. Looking closely, I see honeybees darting from bud to bud, making the stems bend and sway. The bees are collecting pollen from the bright, powdery center of each blossom. When they have a full load, they hustle back to the colony with the […]

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