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Chef's Page | Alexander Feldman

Alba, Boulder, Colorado

Of all the things that have contributed to my evolution as a chef, the advice my various teachers have given me is perhaps most important. Here I present my evolution as a chef through others’ words of wisdom. I hope one day to pass on similar gems to young chefs working for me.

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Chef's Page | Bill Yosses

Executive Pastry Chef: Washington, D.C.

When I first began visiting France, I was amazed at the quality of the produce, especially at Rungis, the large food market outside of Paris. The chef I worked for at La Foux d’Allose, in the sixth arrondissement, was a man of Rabelaisian dimensions and appetites, and working for him changed me forever.

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Chef's Page | Samantha Hoyt Lindgren

An Interview with Rob Evans: Hugo’s, Portland, Maine

One day I was walking by a restaurant in Southboro, Massachusetts, where I had washed dishes and bussed when I was younger. The staff were out back, hanging out, and they asked me what I was doing. I said, I’m doing electrical but looking for something else, and they said, “Hey, you want to cook for a while? We’ll teach you to cook.”

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Chef's Page | Peter Pankhurst

Savoy Cabbage: Cape Town, South Africa

If you had asked me at age five what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would immediately have replied “a Cookerman!” (shades of a superhero complex).

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Chef's Page | Payson Cushman

A Cook’s Story, So Far

My first job in the food industry, and I do consider it one, was dusting the shelves of a liquor store on the main street of the very small town where I grew up. I was twelve years old.

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Chef's Page | Darin Nesbit

Bourbon House: New Orleans

My suburban Chicago upbringing was one of Campbell’s soup casseroles and Christmas dinners at the local Chinese restaurant. Like most Americans in the 1970s, my family’s culinary culture was more about convenience than gastronomy

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Chef's Page | Abbie Rosner

An Interview with Erez Komarovsky, Erez Breads, Israel

Few people have influenced the way Israelis eat as much as Erez Komarovsky, whose bakery, namesake restaurant, and ubiquitous Erez Breads shops and cafés have made “Erez” a household name.

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Chef's Page | Jonathan Levitt

An Interview with Tony Minichiello, Vancouver

I miss Montreal. In Montreal every respectable Italian has a wine cellar. They buy a house, and the first thing they do is go out back and dig a cellar. My father’s was 6-feet deep and maybe 4-feet wide by 12-feet long.

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Chef's Page | Elizabeth Field

Biker Chef: The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

The basic need of both audiences is to be fed with good food. I try to use local and seasonal ingredients, which appeals to both groups. The older generations appreciate the idea of cooking with the local harvests as they did in their youth and as their parents did.

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Chef's Page | Bruce Sherman

North Pond: Chicago, Illinois

How had my personal cooking style been influenced by the building’s design? She must have been kidding! I took the job at North Pond because I wanted to be the boss.

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