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Issues | Volume 14 Number 2

Summer 2014

An Interview with Saru Jayaraman; Greek Migrants and Australian Foodways; Dining, Theatre, and the Historical Avant-Garde; Reflections on Sheep, Landscape, and Defining Locality; Foodscapes of Sustainability in the Mediterranean; and more!

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Issues | Volume 14 Number 1

Spring 2014

An Interview with Seth Holmes; The Story of Tomatoes; Toward a Cultural Ecology of Local Food; An Edible Moral Economy in the Motor City; University, Community, and Redefining Expertise in the Food System; The Restaurants of Paris, and more!

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 4

Winter 2013

How the Presidents Ate Their Salmon; Drinking Maté in Asunción, Paraguay; The Kitchen God of Chinese Lore; Detention Center Feeding Practices; At the Center of the Center of the New York Bagel; and more!

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 3

Fall 2013

Ten Years of Food Politics: An Interview with Marion Nestle, Slowing Down for Turkish Mulberry Molasses, Seven Bald Men and a Kumquat Tree, The Real World in a Honey Bun, Invisible West Africa: The Politics of Single Origin Chocolate, Models of Food and Eating in the United Kingdom, and more!

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 2

Summer 2013

Does the Foodie have a Soul?; Emily Dickinson Bakes Her Famous Coconut Cake; Angel Food Cake: Just Heavenly!; Clam Digging; Tasting a Landscape: On the New Nordic Cuisine; Can ideas about food inspire real social change? The case of Peruvian gastronomy; Food Fight: Accusations of Press Agentry, a Case for Ethics and the Development of the Association of Food Journalists; Of Pepperoni Rolls and Soup Beans: On What it Might Mean to Eat Like a West Virginian; and more…

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Issues | Volume 13 Number 1

Spring 2013

Highlights from the first 12 years of Gastronomica, featuring some of our favorite articles and features!

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Issues | Volume 12 Number 4

Winter 2012

A 1939 World’s Fair Souvenir Plate; Turkey’s National Bread; Slush on the Mizzentops, Butter in the Hold: Food on American Clipper Ships; Sudado de Raya: An Ancient Peruvian Dish; James Bond and the Art of Eating Eggs; On the Zampone Trail; Funerary Feasts; A Born-Again Hog Farmer; An Interview with Praveen Anand, Dakshin, Chennai, India; and more…

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Issues | Volume 12 Number 3

Fall 2012

Flavors of Ireland; José de Ribera’s Personification of Taste; Food Blogs and Post-Feminist Domesticity; A Brazilian Chef Claims Her Roots; Women’s Music-Festival Foods; Eating Ukraine and Its Lard(er); Fighting Sicilian Corruption, One Vine at a Time; Michel Guérard on French Cuisine; The Rise of the Umbrian Truffle Business; Colombian Grace, Key West, Florida; and more…

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Issues | Volume 12 Number 2

Summer 2012

How the Other Half Eats; The Girl with the Cupcake Tattoo; Women, Sabotaj, and Underground Food Economies in Haiti; Charles Darwin, the Gourmet Traveler; Of Raspberries and Religion; Men Who Eat Muskrat: It’s Nothing Like Chicken; American Processed Kosher; The One-Second Sandwich; Hogonomics; An Interview with Daniel Humm, Eleven Madison Park; and more…

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Issues | Volume 12 Number 1

Spring 2012

Tasting the Brutality of Qaddafi’s Regime; Tuna with a Broken Heart; The Hummus Wars; Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health; Chicago’s Food Trucks: Wrapped in Red Tape; Truffle in Paradise; Discomfort Food; Trash Eaters; The Science of Biodynamic Viticulture; Magnolia 610, Louisville, Kentucky; and more…

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