Auditory Tune

Susan Comninos

“Auditory Tune” grew out of a disconcerting ringing in my left ear that came on suddenly within the past year and then just as randomly went away.

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Tall Tree and Sweet Flower: Julia Child in Sonoma

Leo Racicot

Julia Child stood out like a diamond wherever she was, not only because she loomed so tall, not only due to that Julia cartoon chortle she let loose with so liberally, but because her spirit, her natural joie de vivre dazzled you instantly.

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Don’t Mono-crop the Movement: Toward a Cultural Ecology of Local Food

B.R. Cohen

What matters for the future of healthy food is not just farmers’ markets, CSAs, urban farms, food hubs, and the like—the particular individual innovations of the foodsheds—but the ways they interact and overlap.

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