Banking on Wild Relatives to Feed the World

Crop wild relatives, the progenitors and kin of domesticated crop species, promise breeders a potent weapon against climate change. Having evolved outside the pampered environs of farms, wild relatives tend to be more rugged to survive temperature, salt, floods, and drought—all the extremes characteristic of a warming planet. But who will benefit from re-wilded crops? What kinds of agricultural systems will they tend to support? And can wild relatives be protected before they are lost under pavement, desertification, and expanding industrial farms?

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Give the Gift of Gastronomica and Save 25%!

As the holidays approach, we wanted to share the Gastronomica feast. So for a limited time only, we’re unwrapping some notable articles from 2015. This year, you can share the feast as well! Give the gift of Gastronomica to a friend (or yourself!) and enter code HOLIDAY15 at checkout to receive 25% off the annual subscription rate.

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Searching for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be fixed or found; it can materialize in a pile of crabs, a quick curry, or a box of Chinese take-out. It can be prefabricated or made-from-scratch. It can feature a goose or a turkey or a slab of tofu. Being able to eat, and to do so with those you love, is enough.

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