Beyond the Berlin Wall

As I donned my apron on the morning of October 7, 1989, and joined my fellow apprentices in the kitchen of the Ratshaus—the Mayor’s Office and Town Hall in Plauen, East Germany—I knew that I would be prepping for the most elaborate meal of my young career: the feast commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR).

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Mikhail Larionov’s “Still Life with Crayfish”

Mikhail Larionov’s Still Life with Crayfish (circa 1910–1912) is a spectacle of simple, severe, bold form and color, a result of the artist’s intense engagement with Russian folk art traditions.

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Tony Tan’s Cooking Classes: Melbourne, Australia

Malaysia stands at the crossroads of Asia, where three of the continent’s greatest cultures—Indian, Malay, and Chinese—meet and mingle. Malaysia was not always so vibrant, though.

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